set the topLeft of fld "F" to the selectedLoc

Ken Ray kray at
Tue Nov 18 22:48:30 EST 2003


Perhaps the object that is executing the script is removing the
insertion point from the field. If you are clicking a button to see this
happen, you'll need to turn off the traversalOn property of the button.
I just tried it with two fields and a button which had the script:

on mouseUp
  set the left of fld 2 to (item 1 of the selectedLoc)
end mouseUp

and it worked just fine, but only after I turned off the traversalOn

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> Subject: set the topLeft of fld "F" to the selectedLoc
> read all of the TD "selected" entries but...
> still cannot get <the selectedLoc> to work.
> this is RR 1.1 (still waiting to update),
> so it may work in the latest version as it did
> in HC and MC.
> the idea is to have a small field positioned just
> to the right of an entry in a larger field.
>  on og
>   put "X" after fld "Big_Numbers"
>   -- (in case fld "numbers" = empty)
>   select the last char of fld "Numbers"
>   put item 1 of the selectedLoc into tLeft
>   set the left of fld "Lil_Numbers" to tLeft
>   delete the last char of fld "Numbers"
> end og
> any help appreciated,
> thanks,
> Erik
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