Faceless CGI: force output to be interpreted by Apache

Brian Yennie briany at qldlearning.com
Mon Nov 17 01:24:32 EST 2003

If I read this correctly, the problem is that the CGI is actually 
generating HTML which contains SSI tags, which in turn are not parsed- 
not that the CGI is being called from an "exec" command.

I would consult the Apache docs- I don't remember the rules, but there 
are some documented orders of operations in the way that consecutive 
Apache filters can handle requests. If you can do anything about this, 
it sounds like you'll need access to the Apache configuration, though...

It seems there's not much that SSI offers which couldn't be done by Rev 
itself in the first place, or using other HTML-based methods...?


>> Problem: stnOut from an xTalk CGI script is not parsed by apache.. 
>> there or the SSI calls to apache's "include" module are not >> triggered.
> How have you come to this determination, and what are the SSI calls 
> you are making? I think the SSI exec command is what you want, not SSI 
> include command.

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