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Sun Nov 16 14:35:38 CST 2003

On Sun, 16 Nov 2003 11:24:50 -0800, "dan johnson" <danjohnson at> wrote:

> >Im using Windows ME  128 MB of RAM
>I think this says it all.
>ME is probably the WORST Windows implementation ever released. Buggier than
>other versions; crashes more often then other versions; has poor memory
>management, so even with 256 or even 512 Megs of RAM, you'll run out of
>resources. Sometimes 3rd party memory cleaners are helpful--other times they
>just cause more crashes!
>If I had a choice of reverting to an earlier Windows version or continuing 
>ME, I'd wipe my hard drive to eliminate all traces of ME and resinstall an
>earlier version.

As a very old Mac user (in both senses!) I can put up with any amount of 
ranting about Windows, but unfortunately my users can't - they just have to 
use what they have. And it has to be said that my beta tester (who reported 
the problem with ME) is writing some very elaborate VB programs using that 
platform. For myself, I just need to know what I did in my app to suddenly 
soak up resources in ME, bearing in mind that the app was working on all 
platforms in earlier versions - but without help from someone who 
understands the RR Windows engine, I think I'm stalled.

Still trying for a recipe...


PS Tell a Mac oldie - what exactly **are** resources in a Windows context, 
and why should one run out? After all, Windows has had some kind of virtual 
storage since it emerged from the slime, AFAIK. What other resources are we 
talking about?

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