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On Sat, 15 Nov 2003 09:42:52 -0800, Roger Guay <rogerguay at> 

>What do I need to do to allow the user of my Standalone app to save
>changes they make to a field?  What I'm finding is that field content
>is not saved in subsequent openings of my Standalone app.  Not so for
>the RunRev project, however.  I also find that changes to custom
>properties are not saved in the Standalone but are in the RunRev
>project.  What's this about?  BTW, I did try the Save Stack command but
>to no avail.

Roger - in a standalone, the file that was your mainstack (and its 
substacks) becomes read-only, since they are now an application program, 
and most OSs (not Mac Classic) frown on self-modifying programs. So 
although you can change stuff while the program is running in RAM, when you 
quit all your changes are lost.

To get the effect you need, you must separate your data from your 
application. It can still be in a stack (or lots of stacks), but it can't 
be part of your main app. In effect these data stacks will be documents of 
your application and as such they can be modified and saved in the usual way.

I'm sure others will chime in with more details.



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