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Thu Nov 13 15:57:35 EST 2003

I have completely screwed up many groups in my four weeks of using REV. 
There is no group Tooltip built-in but you could just hide a tooltip 
like window and trap a mouseEnter with show/hide tooltip field.


On Nov 13, 2003, at 2:29 PM, jbv wrote:

> Jacqueline,
>> What happens is that if there is no built-in Revolution property, the
>> script sets a custom property. That's why there is no error. In this
>> case, the group will have a custom property called "tooltip".
> Well, I checked the custom prop. option : actually no custom prop.
> is created...
> I'm still using MC (but am posting to the Rev list, since almost
> nobody seems to use the MC list anymore), and I checked the MC
> doc. It says that tooltip applies to all controls. When I search
> "controls" in the same doc, it says that there are 12 classes of MC
> objects, including stacks, cards, groups... It also says that groups,
> btns, etc. are also referred to as "controls"...
> So, logically, tooltips should also apply to grps, cards, stacks...
>> Cards also do not support the tooltip property. Setting it by script
>> would give a custom "tooltip" property that does nothing.
> Not exactly : when trying to set tooltip of a card or a stack, it
> returns
> an error...
> JB
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