Windows Misery

Dave Cragg dcragg at
Thu Nov 13 15:41:32 EST 2003

At 7:26 pm +0100 13/11/03, Graham Samuel wrote:
>I've asked about this before, but as I'm desperate I thought I'd try
>once more.
>I have an app in an advanced state of preparation - it's been
>through a thorough beta test and I was left with just one error.
>This was the one where I had two buttons whose icons were animated
>GIFs, where one of the buttons consistently stopped animating when
>the two buttons overlapped. I found a fix for this, but have no idea
>why it worked - I moved the animated GIFs from the card they were on
>to the card which the user sees (the one with the buttons on it). I
>then set the coordinates of these GIFs to (-10000,-10000) in order
>to make sure the user never sees them. All this worked fine on all
>the platforms I usually test on (MacOS 9.2.2, MacOSX, Windows XP),
>but it appears to crash and/or mess up the display when run on
>Windows 95, Windows 98 and Windows ME. This didn't happen with
>earlier versions of the app.

Are you absolutely sure this problem is also related to the animated 
GIFs and not a different problem? Can you test a version with the 
animated GIFs replaced with plain GIFs or just plain buttons and see 
if the problem is gone on those platforms? It would be extremely 
frustrating to try and fix the wrong problem.


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