The File Menu Bug/Feature (OS X)

Dom mcdomi at
Thu Nov 13 07:39:10 EST 2003

I wrote here some time ago about a File Meu problem...

i.e.: the menu items from this menu don't appear when one click on the
"File" Menu (Mac OS X)

I posted a bug report (#875) about this...
Jeanne answered that it is was not a bug, but a feature ;-)

In brief, as the "Quit" menu item is directly supported by the App Menu
under Mac OS X, the same item is disabled in Revolution's menu.

But -- I got rid of the "Quit" menu item, and replaced it with "Open"
and "Close". No luck, these menu items are not visible ;->

The final answer is that, under Mac OS X, Revolution deletes the last
two items of the first menu -- assuming that the first menu is "File",
and the items [are separator] and "Quit"; or whatever will be at that
very place ;->>

One more piece to bring to the puzzling behaviour of Revolution, along
to the "shift" in card window with "Mac OS" style menus!!!

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