Rendezvous, event loops, and why I need SDK docs

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Wed Nov 12 15:08:02 EST 2003

MisterX wrote:

> Richard kindly asked
>> I couldn't find the revEditScript message in the Transcript Dictionary.
>> Where is it documented?
> It's in the plugin settings...
> NOT documented naturally!
> I also tried edit script but Alex hit the nail on the spot!
> I forgot about the "usage" of frontscripts!
> So basically, we can overide all RR's scripts to build our own
> IDE ;)) 

Keep in mind that the RevIDE depends on its front and back scripts to run.
Overiding them wholesale may have unintended consequences.

Writing an IDE is a lot of work.  I wonder if there's a more focused way to
apply changes to specific tools, like maybe simply replacing specific
components as Richard Mathewson does.

The script editor is located at:
 ./components/properties palettes/revscripteditor.rev

You could write an installer that renames the original to something like
revscripteditorORIG.rev before copying yours in.  But test carefully! - it
would be a drag to have to reinstall Rev as the result of a bug in a
third-party plug-in.

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