Two questions

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Tue Nov 11 18:55:59 EST 2003

Thanks to Ken and Richard for a well needed push.

I have only been using REV for four weeks now and have built two 
interactive applications. One is for distribution on a CD and has 
hundreds of graphics and built in search features etc.

But 'Time takes Time' so I still need to study this wonderful tool and 
get up to date.
So, not being lazy :-) I am committed to studying the docs. I was 
hoping for the printed version as I find studying much easier with 
paper products. I spend enough time in front of an LCD as it is.

So consider me pushed in the right direction. I do love exploring new 


On Nov 11, 2003, at 3:05 PM, Ken Norris wrote:

> Hi Tom,
>> Date: Tue, 11 Nov 2003 07:55:23 -0500
>> From: Thomas J McGrath III <3mcgrath at>
>> Subject: Re: Two questions
>> Are you guys sure that 'send in' will actually work without taxing
>> the various systems and processors? Cause if I start using it, you 
>> know
>> I will break it. ;-)
> ----------
> Checkout the Transcript Cookbook in the docs. The first two scripts (99
> Bottles of Beer) are supposed to demo the difference between using a 
> repeat
> structure and a send-in-time structure. Set up a couple of windows and 
> make
> the comparison.
> See for yourself if you think it will work for you.
> Ken N.
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