Call for opinions - announcing a new made with RR Game!

MisterX x at
Tue Nov 11 17:40:18 EST 2003

Hi everyone,

Most of you gamble a license for work! May this be another
success story for you! I have an alternate way for those 
other gamblers (apparently many clients who can be exposed
to RR)!

After a couple day-Revving time, here is introduction of my 
first video game! I'd like to know your impressions and 
ideas if you so graciously oblige! 

Although the screenshot hides the simulator part and makes it
look like a simple video game, it's not really a video game 
but a serious Roulette Simulator...

Check out the latest screenshot

MacOS and *nix versions planned naturally!

This is the first "demo" game before the Pro version is finished.
It will have a win-optimizer with dynamic strategy gameplay... 
Many features to come incl. Neural Networks, professional strategy 
sets, game stats, and there even more serious economic game-theory 
framework plans for later! 

Those who make the best suggestions will win a free version of 
the game version! 

One Pro version might go free if you make a bull-eye suggestion!

Serious beta testers are definitely
 welcome if you promess feedback!

BTW, I'm seeking for one daring scripter/graphic-artist and/or a 
hard-core programmer in C or C++ for a sweepstake gamble.


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