defaultFolder is changed by printer drivers

Alex Rice alex at
Tue Nov 11 17:29:41 EST 2003

On Nov 11, 2003, at 1:10 PM, Alex Rice wrote:

> <>

> It writes the PDF file OK, but then my otherwise well behaved app 
> starts generating errors. The errors come from my revclips external.

OK found the problem: the PDFCamp printer driver is changing the 
working directory, so after printing using that driver "the 
defaultFolder" has changed to wherever you tell PDFCamp to write the 
PDF file to (Desktop, Documents, wherever).

This was easy to workaround, however it was quite unexpected. Is it a 
bug with Revolution for allowing it to happen, bug with PDFCamp for not 
restoring the working directory, or both?  Should this be a Rev bug 

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