OS 10.3 no launch Rev docs -- apple script ???

Richard Gaskin ambassador at fourthworld.com
Tue Nov 11 15:17:08 EST 2003

Alex Rice wrote:

> On Nov 11, 2003, at 11:35 AM, Richard Gaskin wrote:
>>> 10.3.1 is released in Software Update.
>> I couldn't find a list of fixes -- got a URL?
> Since 10.3.0 there have been 2 security updates, XCode update, iSync
> and iTunes updates, and the 10.3.1 update.
> See <http://www.versiontracker.com/dyn/moreinfo/macosx/8848> about the
> 10.3.1

Thank you.  Once again, VersionTracker comes through.  They're the best.

Which reminds me:  they accept entries for components, so if any of you have
Rev plug-ins you want to make sure are widely used, in addition to RevNet
you'll also want to add them to VersionTracker.  I'll be making entries for
GoRevNet and others once I wrap up a few client projects.

>> It just feels dirty, after paying $450 to get a working version of
>> OS X (10.0 and 10.1 were arguably of beta quality).  $5 billion in
>> cash reserves and no price break for loyal customers....
> Boo hoo, you are out the cost of 1 Windows XP Pro license, over a
> period of 4 years?

Who needs Pro?  Unless you're bulding something that integrates with
features specific to the Pro edition, for Rev testing Home works great.

Besides, in the non-Apple world $500 buys a whole computer, OS and all.

If you're interested in Linux development it gets even better:  you can pick
up a computer with Lindows pre-installed at WalMart for under $200.

Lindows has a consumer focus that is giving it an edge over more techie
distros.  Worth looking for you Rev folks interested in exploring the Linux

We've finally gotten to a world in which computers are less expensive than
the desk to put them on. :)

> Or the cost of 1 Red Hat Linux Enterprise License?

If you use newsgroups for support it has the ideal price:  free.  Just
download and go.

As a consumer I'm generally happy with Apple overall.  As a developer,
however, their focus on maintaining high margins over marketshare  (2.2%;
was 2.4 two years ago and 5% in '96) is a serious issue.  Coupled with their
concerted effort to migrate ever more software development in-house at the
expense of third parties, they risk further maginalization until they get
serious about pricing.  Fortunately, the collective wisdom of the BoD seems
strong enough to balance out Jobs' famous "reality distortion field":  I
predict a strong competitive consumer thrust by mid-'04.

And while I have my Cracker Jack crystal ball open, I predict an
Intel-comptible architecture by 2010, with a focus on software just like the
industry's largest company, Microsoft.  It is technically feasible to
deliver the benefits of the Mac experience on Intel hardware, and ultimately
cheaper and more profitable to do than maintaining R&D for single-source
chips.  Hardware focus is driven by personality factors, not technological
constraints; it will pass.

Things are gonna get weird as Linux gets usable.  Expect radical change in
the coming years.

Thankfully, with Rev we can ride the wave no matter which way the currents
shift.  Rev has liberated us beyond whatever changes may affect any single
OS vendor.  It is its own meta-OS, the most capable of virtual machines....

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