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T. R. Ponn alptex2 at
Tue Nov 11 06:48:57 CST 2003

Björnke von Gierke wrote

> Did you experience that you wanted to make a project, but where unable 
> to do it with runrev? For example because a technology was not 
> supported, not fast enough or because it was otherwise not up to the task?

> DId you realise any projects that you did not think that it would be 
> possible to do with runrev?

Being an antique HC lover since version 1.0 hit the streets, I entered 
into my latest project with many fears about limitations.  I mean, after 
all, it IS *only* an xTalk!  Wow...I am completely blown away with what 
I've been able to do.  So far, I've found NO limits with Rev.  I'm sure 
I'll hit them sooner or later...but to date...nadda!

I have 2 associates who warned me about wasting is in love 
with Linux & JAVA, the other Windows/ C++/ VB.  At every turn, I heard 
the same doubts from them (echoed in my head, as well).  Between RunRev 
and the wonderful ppl on this list, my project is complete (well, 
perhaps it will never be done ;-) ).  My associates are now keenly 
interested in this RunRev IDE! :-D

BTW...this took 6 months from a cold start (except for the HC 
background), and Rev1.1.1.  You can download a copy of our app from our 
website.  There are 3 standalones there...Mac PPC, Windows and Linux. 
 It's rather specialized SW...meant to control an embedded 
it's real meaning may be lost on those not familiar with the embedded world.

I am totally and completely in Love with Rev.

Best Regards,

Tim Ponn

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