Window Resizing Head-scratcher...

Jason Rippetoe jason at
Mon Nov 10 20:08:31 EST 2003

Hi Ken;

Before I posted to the list I had looked at the description of 
windowBoundingRect in the Rev documentation and didn't think that it 
was the solution I was looking for, though as I've said before, I'm not 
a programmer and it's quite possible that I'm not understanding the 
concept well. I do try to figure things out on my own before 
approaching the list (if only to save myself from looking stupid by 
asking the most obvious questions!)

In this case, I did try the windowBoundingRect suggestion before I 
stumbled on my own solution and it had no effect. I added it to the 
preOpenStack script and there was no change in the behavior.

The fact that I know how to solve the problem is my main concern- I've 
found plenty of odd behavior in the Rev IDE as I've been building this 
project and I guess that learning the workarounds and limitations are 
part of the package. I'm still puzzled by WHY it happens, even with the 
explanations and educated guesses that have been presented, especially 
in light of the fact that sub-stacks open perfectly without the 
problem. But the bottom line is, I now know how to fix it and that's 
enough for me!

Thanks to everyone who puzzled through this with me... don't worry- I 
have lots more questions now that this one is put to rest!


On Tuesday, November 11, 2003, at 04:47  AM, Ken Norris wrote:

> It's really not a workaround, but rather how it's done with Macs in 
> Rev,
> because of the platform differences. Mac menus are really button 
> emulations,
> not the real thing.
> Check the windowbBoundingRect solution, too. Either technique needs to 
> be
> done in a preOpenStack handler. That's normal, AFAIK.
> Note: My first stack had a fullscreen graphic set used for an onscreen
> keyboard, so the very problems you are facing were the _very first_ I 
> had to
> deal with in Rev 1.1.
> Please pay close attention to the experts, like Richard Gaskin. They 
> know
> what's going on. Also, take a look at Jacque's Rev tutorials:
> <>
> Best regards,
> Ken N.

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