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Ken Norris pixelbird at
Mon Nov 10 15:59:08 EST 2003


I didn't get any response so I'll try another shot. Maybe someone could take
a look at the stack and see what I'm trying to make happen.

(original post)

Oh dear, here I go again...

OK, here's the setup:

I have a graphic image, a simulated plastic color bar with the color
gradient I want, which I can see right through to the text under it (srcOr).

Now, the metaphor needs a graphically depicted "mounting device", in this
case it simulates a metal mounting bracket to which the plastic bar above is
attached, and slides up and down on a brass rod. It must, of course, be

The problem comes when the opaque "bracket" seems to include an opaque white
space as part of its rectangle between it's top and bottom arms, right where
the "plastic bar" is supposed to go. That is, that part of the plastic bar
can no longer see through.

In SuperCard, I was able to group the two graphics together, and the metal
part opened itself to the see-through part perfectly when mated into a
group. However, SC graphic images are held a lot different than Rev, so I
can't bring it into Rev as is.

So, now that all that is perfectly clear %)  here is the question:

How do I marry the opaque bracket to the see-through bar in such a way that
the metal part of the bracket image is opaque, but 'nothing', i.e., no
opaque white section, is in the part where the see-through bar fits (I tried
all the inks, but nothing works properly)?

Maybe I'm not using the right type of image. I dunno.

Ken N.

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