Mac OS X default button = 100% CPU usage

Ray G. Miller rgmiller at
Mon Nov 10 14:17:33 EST 2003

Richard opined:

"A logical progression of this design philosophy would be:

OS X 10.4:  the default button becomes an animated loop of a dancing

"OS X 10.5:  The animation is expanded to become a really nifty 
five-minute gorgeously produced movie of a large predatory cat hunting 
and feeding its young, with voiceover by Steve Jobs.  In order to make 
room for this expanded animation the dialog's content will be removed 

It'd be really funny if it weren't so close to the truth... It's 
probably true that Jobs never uses a computer, only looks at "neato demos."

"maybe we could just hook him up with
Carson Kressley to get him out of that frumpy jeans-and-sweatshirt look. :)"

But wouldn't hurt his inner icon?

Our battlecry should be: "Death to eye candy!"

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