Window Resizing Head-scratcher...

Jason Rippetoe jason at
Mon Nov 10 12:00:09 EST 2003

Thanks for your comments, Tom. I had read your issue and had gotten the 
impression that your situation was the extra space for dock and menu, 
but in my case both are hidden. The extra space above where the menu 
sits on Mac OS X is much wider than the space the menu takes up. At the 
bottom, the window extends below the Dock, so the "making room for the 
Dock" explanation doesn't make much sense.

Anyway, I did notice a few things about the project:

1. It runs just fine under Windows XP. It seems to be a Mac OS X issue 

2. It only effects the main stack. Substacks open at 800x600.

3. I found a work-around. I added the following to the preOpenStack in 
the Stack script:

set the height of me to 600
set the width of me to 800

Waddya know... it works!

So, I still can't answer "why," but this might help. Let me know if it 
solves your issue as well.


On Monday, November 10, 2003, at 09:57  PM, Tom McGrath wrote:

> At first, I thought I was reading my own email. LOL
> Jason, this is the same problem I have.
> The solution is to make every thing smaller than 800x600 to begin with
> and allow for the menus and docks, etc. first.....
> BUT, that still does not explain why!!!!!! I even set the resize window
> to false and it still resized! I set the resize stack to false and it
> still resized.
> My problem/bug was that NO RESIZE should mean NO RESIZE !!!!!! Of
> course I can make my graphics smaller to fit an 800x600. Of course I
> can build on an 800x600 and make sure it is right. Of course I can
> allow for a menu, dock bar etc.
> But when I set the resize to false, I want no resize. I develop on a
> 1024x768 and set window to 800x600 and after changing screen resolution
> It of course should not and that is the real problem.

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