New stack title query

Sarah sarahr at
Sun Nov 9 17:36:30 EST 2003

I had a problem when I tried to rename a stack but the original name 
"Untitled x" kept popping back into the field. It turned out that I was 
trying to use a stack name that I had already used in that stack file 
(I had forgotten that I had already created that stack), so Rev didn't 
allow me to give two stacks the same name. Could that be your problem?

sarahr at

On Sunday, November 9, 2003, at 01:54  pm, David Squance wrote:

> Hello Group,
> I'm new to OS X and what little I've done with RR was mostly in 1.1.1.
> I've been playing a little with RR2.1.1 in OS 10.3 and can't seem to 
> get a
> new stack to change from untitled to the given name when it's saved.  I
> don't recall any such problem before.  There's likely something 
> obvious I'm
> missing, but it's rather confusing.  Help!
> Thanks,
> Dave

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