Applet in a stack?

Eric Engle engleerica at
Sun Nov 9 17:18:12 EST 2003

I know I loathe Java, and perhaps you do to. I much prefer xTalk. However I am
wondering whether MC/RR can run an applet from within a stack? I know we can
call up a browser window, and get at the applet that way. But suppose I was a
masochist and wanted to use my (or my likely someone elses) applet within my
stack. Can MC/RR do that? If not, is it planned? If not how difficult would it
be to write an XCMD or somehow access the java plugin?

Sorry if this question seems ignorant or pointless, but in my MC/RR
evangelizing this -will- be asked, and I need to have an answer. 

Oh, my digital media instructors really liked my presentation of MC/RR as a
development tool of choice for rapid cross platform development. Heh. I also
have some leads for a 3d engine that works with MC. The people developing the
engine seem talented but isolated. If anyone wants their contact info just ask
me off list. I think this would be a good feature, the ability to act as a 3d
engine front end.

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