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Klaus Major klaus at
Sun Nov 9 13:33:36 EST 2003

Hi Robert,

>> ...
>> As far as is remember, i'm running 10.3 for 2 weeks and very happy 
>> with
>> it :-) this was a cometic bug in OS X 10.2.X...
>> With "Panther" these little lines are back again, without switching 
>> the
>> RR version!
> Thank you for the info.  Haven't upgraded to Panther yet.  Guess my 
> 10x apps will just
> have to have the blank space. I could use "Divide Here" instead of '-' 
> !!!!!!!!!!!

Brillant idea :-)

>> BTW, today i'm running RR 2.1.2...
>> Ooops... ;-)
> Some people are always ahead!

That's for sure :-)

But even i am late ;-), since the listing of the ftp-server (hint, 
hint) shows friday as the posting date...

> Just kidding.  Haven't seen it yet on Rev site or message.

No comment for the sake of peace :-D



Klaus Major
klaus at

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