Building and cursor Problem

Pierre Bernaert pierre.bernaert at
Sun Nov 9 17:07:45 EST 2003

hi friends,

Using Mac OS X.2.6 and Rev 2.1 i have a stack and a substack.

The stack contains a field into which user can data.
The substack contains 3 fields into which user cant type data.

Under browsing in development environment the cursor reacts correctly 
switching from arrow to IBeam when going from card to field.

Launching the .rev without Revolution gives the same good result as far 
as the cursor evolution is concerned.

Building a standalone or files gives a weird result when using them:

Although giving the possibility to type into fields correctly the 
pointer appears OK into the field , but  the cursor stays always the 
same: the  busy cursor (The spinning balloon).
When into the field or on the card it doesn't spin it makes an eighth 
of a spin when entering the field and an other eighth when leaving the 
field or going from stack to substack or back.

I included into the distribution "Cursors" and image and pattern 
libraries as well as the standard Icons.
Having added a script "On mouseEnter "  setting lockscreen to true and 
set cursor to IBeam with an "On MouseLeave" didn't change anything.

What else could I have missed ?

Has someone an idea ?



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