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Klaus Major klaus at
Sun Nov 9 11:39:35 EST 2003

Hi Robert,

> Hi,
> Using Mac OS 10.2.8, rev  up to 2.1.1
> A funny thing happened on the way to ......
> I am trying to get the dividing line to show when in the
> 'Set as Menu Bar on Mac OS' mode.
> Instead of a line, a blank space occurs.
> Can't get rid of the 'disabled' even tho it is not checked after I 
> un-check it.
> When 'Set as Menu Bar on Mac OS' mode is false
> the dividing line appears.
> Used the 'insert a divider line at the horizontal bar'  button per 
> docs.
> Also tried doing it directly with 'New item'
> Any Suggestions?  TIA

As far as is remember, i'm running 10.3 for 2 weeks and very happy with 
it :-)
this was a cometic bug in OS X 10.2.X...

With "Panther" these little lines are back again, without switching the 
RR version!

BTW, today i'm running RR 2.1.2...
Ooops... ;-)

> Regards ... Bob

Hope that helps...


Klaus Major
klaus at

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