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Klaus Major klaus at
Fri Nov 7 11:48:58 EST 2003

Hi Jim,

>> Klaus Major  wrote:
>> ...
>> Do you mean this one:
> This is a revelation to me. I guess I should have figured out from 
> Richard's GoRevNet that such web
> based applications were possible, but this RunRev database on the Web 
> reveals a potential which I didn't appreciate.
> I am grateful for all the good information on this site, but it begins 
> a bit beyond my level of experience.
> I understand in the most general terms what a server is. But I have no 
> idea how I might turn my computer
>  into one. Is there a terminal program on the Mac, for instance, in 
> which one might execute the command: (chmod +x revolution)?

No need for unix mysteries ;-)

Check this one:

Donwload that stack, open it and click a button...

Et voila -> your mac is a server :-)

Although i dont know exactly what's going on there, i was very excited 
when it worked immediately :-)

Hope that helps...

> Jim


Klaus Major
klaus at

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