Problem with QT Windows

Jos=?ISO-8859-1?B?6SBMLiBSb2Ry7Q==?=guez Illera jlrodrig at
Thu Nov 6 16:15:10 EST 2003


I have a problem with QT Windows:

Create a player, name it "alfa", show controller to true, link an audio or
video file, and put this as script:

on mousedoubleup
stop player "alfa"
hide player "alfa"
end mousedoubleup

It works when you double-click on the player rect, but if  the user
doubleclick on the QT controller bar then you get a crash, closing
Revolution and quitting (with the option to send an error description to

It does not happen on Mac OSX, just tried on XP. It is not an IDE problem,
same behavior with Metacard.

May anyone else confirm this behavior? Thanks!

Jose L. Rodriguez

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