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Thu Nov 6 14:31:09 EST 2003

On Nov 6, 2003, at 12:14 PM, diskot123 at wrote:
> Well we redesigned the way themes are done in general. Scott did a 
> great job, but it was obvious looking at the code that it was designed 
> to support possibly one or two themes and dozens of things were hard 
> coded, and mixed with the actual control functionality, which made it 
> difficult to support additional themes or changes to existing themes.
> By modularizing it (so for instance we don't need to retest the entire 
> scrollbar code to support a theme which has doublearrows and a small 
> thumb), it will enable us to support additional themes quicker (both 
> native and emulated), things like pulsating buttons and animated 
> progress bars, hovering, and may even allow scripters to design their 
> own custom themes by passing metrics and pixmaps.
> Tuviah
Wow- good work Tuviah, Scott, et al. I can't wait to see this stuff in 

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