use-revolution Digest, Vol 2, Issue 33

diskot123 at diskot123 at
Thu Nov 6 14:14:01 EST 2003

>Just thinking about Realbasic 
>running on Win32. It uses native widgets and it was a crash-fest (or 
>used to be)! I hope you guys have some serious QA in place! Rev The 
>appearance manager stuff has had the kinks worked out over a long 
Well we redesigned the way themes are done in general. Scott did a great job, but it was obvious looking at the code that it was designed to support possibly one or two themes and dozens of things were hard coded, and mixed with the actual control functionality, which made it difficult to support additional themes or changes to existing themes.

By modularizing it (so for instance we don't need to retest the entire scrollbar code to support a theme which has doublearrows and a small thumb), it will enable us to support additional themes quicker (both native and emulated), things like pulsating buttons and animated progress bars, hovering, and may even allow scripters to design their own custom themes by passing metrics and pixmaps.


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