Screen Size Issue

Thomas J McGrath III 3mcgrath at
Thu Nov 6 07:34:33 CST 2003

Hello everyone,

I made this stack at 800 by 600 with no resize allowed. I figured that 
was a good average size to work with.
Well, when I actually display on an 800 x 600 screen I have two 
problems. The first is the Title bar sticks the window down below the 
Mac menu bar. The second is that the bottom and right are cut off. Not 
sticking past the window but instead they are actually cut off by the 
stack window.
I expected the first but not the second.
Question: What is the best window style to use to display correctly?
Question: Why is the window cut off by its own stack rather than 
sticking out past the screen size?

Thanks again,


Thomas J McGrath III
Advanced Media Group

220 Drake Rd.
Bethel Park, PA 15102
3mcgrath at

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