using Distribution Builder's "Save Distribution As..." option

Graham Samuel livfoss at
Wed Nov 5 18:21:24 CST 2003

On Tue, 4 Nov 2003 12:16:21 -0700, Alex Rice <alex at> wrote:
>Who is using the DB "Save Distribution As..." option? How do you deal
>with Revolution upgrades? Just toss all of your saved distribution
>builder stacks and start over? Keep using the old distribution builder
>It seems like distribution builder uses the old xtalk style of design
>where the script, settings, and GUI are all thrown together as one
>inseparable unit. It takes a "what me worry?" attitude towards
>maintenance and upgrades. Something I want to try to avoid in my Rev

I've already had a grumble about the DB on this list, which does 
indeed seem thrown together to me - it has many rough edges. The one 
I hate most is that DB 'files' (they are really just versions of the 
DB stack AFAIKS) are not cross-platform, because they store paths in 
some platform-dependent way. I think the whole thing needs tidying up 
and this tidy-up should include the introduction of actual DB files 
(probably text files, why not?) which are independent of the 
particular version of the DB that produced them... but where does all 
this fit into the priority list of the RunRev team? Not that high, I 
would suggest, because the DB works just well enough.

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