Can cards in a stack be of different sizes

Scott Rossi scott at
Tue Nov 4 12:10:44 EST 2003

> I think many of us may have missed the new Rev command introduced in
> 2.0: RevChangeWindowSize. I just stumbled on it myself.
> As defined in the docs:
> revChangeWindowSize  newWidth, newHeight [,animation [,cardNumber
> [,totalTime]]]
> With examples:
> revChangeWindowSize 100,120
> revChangeWindowSize the width of stack "Template",200,"slide"
> revChangeWindowSize myWidth,myHeight,"snap",1 -- displays card 1
> revChangeWindowSize 200,250,"slide",,500 -- slides over 1/2 second
> It leaves the upper left hand corner of the window fixed.

A nice feature, but you can also adjust the size of a stack by changing its
rect, which can be done leaving any corner or side of the window fixed in

For example, the following would reduce the stack's height from the top,
keeping the other 3 sides fixed:

 on mouseUp
   put rect of this stack into tRect
   add 30 to item 2 of tRect
   set rect of this stack to tRect
 end mouseUp


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