Making Windows application icons on Mac

Paul Stary paul at
Mon Nov 3 23:53:28 CST 2003

Alex & Mark,

I checked the length of the successful Windows icon file built by 
BMPtoICO and Resorcerer reports the data fork as exactly 744. Norton 
Disk Editor also showed 744 bytes.

Are you using a file editor to check the size? Desktop info may not 
report the actual file size but rather the block size required to 
store the file.

Paul Stary

>On Nov 3, 2003, at 8:29 PM, Mark Wieder wrote:
>>Hmmm. Windows icon files are 766 bytes long under my Win2k systems.
>My file produced by bmp2ico is also 766 bytes in length. Maybe Rev 
>has got then length long in it's error message?
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