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Heather Williams heather at runrev.com
Mon Nov 3 10:11:37 EST 2003

> There are two sentiments bouncing around here - one of a personal
> ownership of the 'revolution',

> The other group, fondly referred to here as the profit motive group,
> sees this all as a software tool whose purpose is to enable one to
> generate income.


> Some of those here have a foot in both camps, as does the company.


Hi John,

Like others, I thought this was an exceptionally well balanced exposition of
the current situation. I just wanted to say a few things myself.

First off, this is a great community. No, a Really Great community. You, the
users, and especially the users who contributor so freely to this list, are
a vital part of the Revolution. I know I'm speaking for everyone in the
company when I say we recognise the debt we owe you all. It's a partnership,
always has been a partnership, and will continue to be a partnership, even
though we're growing so fast that sadly I no longer know all or even most of
our users by name...

It's inevitable that as Revolution grows, we become less "seat of the pants"
and more corporate. However, this has to be a Good Thing.

We will have better systems, more staff, faster response times and an end to
problems such as the horrendously delayed manual printing (yes, they really
are coming, no, they aren't mythical, and yes, I'm very sorry for the
incredible delays). Everyone should experience a consistently better level
of overall service.

Whenever we make big changes, to licensing or support, or interface or
whatever, we try very hard to support our existing loyal customer base. We
listen to feedback, and though we cannot always give everyone everything
they want (especially as this is often contradictory ;)) we pay attention
and make the best choices we can in the interests of the most people we can.

One thing that is in everyone's interest, is that the Revolution thrives.
I'm genuinely happy to say that the future has never looked brighter. We've
a great, enthusastic team, a great user base, and a great future.


Taking off customer services manager hat and examining it, then putting it
on again. It seems to fit...

 > Peace,
>   John
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