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I haven't had time to really dig deep but I would not apply any inks to 
the image. I just brought a png file that was made in PS with no 
background(checkerboard) into REV put it over a bunch of text and 
images and perfect translucency.

Is that what you wanted? if not please explain.

If it is, send me the image and I will see. I do have a pretty heavy 
background in image manipulation.


On Monday, November 3, 2003, at 01:04 AM, Ken Norris wrote:

> Howdy,
> I had a copy of PS on my old PB1400 that makes the right type of PNGs. 
> I
> linked it to my G4, so I was able to produce some proper PNG 
> translucent
> files that sort of work, but...
> I was hoping for some control in Rev, but no go. In the Mac ink 
> commands, I
> can make an *adMin* transparency that clearly shows through what's 
> behind
> it, i.e., black text still shows up black, even with full-bright 
> colors in
> the gradient graphic. This is what I need.
> But, the PNG won't do that, i.e., at 50% the text under it is washed 
> out,
> even while its own colors are washed out as well. I can't seem to have
> transparency and full color in All Platform mode.
> Is there another type of graphic image type or ink that will give what 
> I
> need? Any advice on this dilemna?
> Ken N.
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