PreNewbie database question

Sarah sarahr at
Sun Nov 2 22:51:37 CST 2003

Hi Jim,

Revolution can act as a MySQL client and connect to a MySQL server. The 
server can be running on your computer, on another computer in your 
network, or on another computer anywhere on the internet. Wherever it 
is, you need to supply an address for Rev to connect to. If the server 
is on your own computer, it can be "localhost" or "".

Then you have to have permission to access each database. Permission 
can include not only your name but the IP address you are connecting 
from. If you can, I recommend installing MySQL server on your own 
computer for testing purposes.

At my web site, I have two Rev stacks for testing MySQL: MySQLtests.rev 
is the more complete and has an help section that gives a bit of 
information about installing but I only use OS X and I don't know how 
much of this translates to other platforms. The information about 
setting up permissions should work anywhere.

sarahr at

On Saturday, November 1, 2003, at 06:15  am, Jim Hurley wrote:

> I've tried a couple of times to use  mySQL but I can't get to first 
> base.
> When I open RR Database query builder I see two tabs: Connection and 
> Record set.
> Does this imply that mySQL works only with web based data? (Yes, I've 
> read the article in the Revolution Encyclopedia.)

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