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Sat May 31 13:14:35 EDT 2003

> Date: Sat, 31 May 2003 10:22:22 -0400
> Subject: Re: Books on RunRev
> From: Alan Gayne <alanira9 at>

> A truly great product such as RunRev deserves and will require truly
> great documentation, rich with examples, if it is ever to gain
> widespread acceptance.
I agree with this 100%. Take a look at some of the fully-indexed,
well-organized printed media available for HyperCard:

1) Apple's own printed manuals, which were no slouches.

plus these 700+ page offerings from others:

2) Danny Goodman's "The Complete Hypercard 2.2 Handbook".
3) The Waite Group's "Tricks of the HyperTalk Masters".
4) Winkler, Kamins, DeVoto "HyperTalk 2.2, The Book". (my personal fave)
5) Post and Long -- I don't know the exact title of their book (9 to 5

If someone, (anyone) can find time and energy to publish a commercial book
for Runtime Revolution, I could all but guarantee it would produce large
income over the first couple of weeks all by itself, PLUS I believe the
distribution of RR would increase exponentially.

Besides the original program developed by Bill Atkinson, et al, and thew
later teams at Apple, I believe the dramatic success of Hypercard was due in
part to those prolific manuals available for it.

RR has much more and I realize publishing printed manuals is expensive and
difficult to update considering the changes which have already happened, but
at some point it must be done IMHO. The HC manuals are hopelessly outdated
and wholly insufficient to be used for MC/Rev, or even Supercard anymore.
And as for dropping nearly a C-note for a printed manual with no
comprehensive indexing, well....I, for one, won't do it.

I think most of us would like to see RR have the success all the hard work
put into it deserves, but I don't see it happening until topnotch
professional documentation for it is published.

Is that more than $.02 worth?

Ken N.

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