Stack and Substacks and user properties

Stephen Quinn Barncard stephenREVOLUTION at
Sat May 31 12:25:01 EDT 2003

I got it. The bummer is that user properties have much less 
usefulness for me in a standalone. I might as well just continue to 
use variables for transitory data and user properties as constants -- 
imbedded lists that don't change. What else are they good for? I 
guess they're easier to find, being attached to an object they relate 
to. Should I use properties in a substack, or would that get sucked 
in during standalone creation?


>Only Macs have resource forks so files can automatically save to themselves,
>i.e., the data, including any changes/updates, becomes part of the resource
>fork of the stack (Hypercard) or project (SuperCard). RR uses the MetaCard
>engine which is cross-platform. Since PC's under Windows, Linux, Unix, etc.,
>do _not_ have resource forks, their files cannot save to themselves.
>Therefore, in order to remain consistant across all platforms, RR stacks do
>not save to themselves on Macs either.
>Does that help?
>Ken N.

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