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Stephen Barncard stephenREVOLUTION at
Fri May 30 00:50:02 EDT 2003

Dan, your Hypercard books rock! That's where I really learned 
hypertalk. I'll be first in line for your RunRev book, I'm sure it's 
a winner.

thanks for everything, Dan...I've been using your references since 
the late 80s.

stephen barncard

>Dan Shafer asked:
>Is there somewhere a ressource listing all books available on RunRen in
>English or in other languages?
>At this point, there are no RunRev-specific third-party books 
>available. The online RunRev documentation has been made available 
>in the past but my guess is this is still a work in process for 2.0, 
>which dramatically extends the earlier version.
>I am working on an eBook+Web site that adapts my best-selling 
>HyperTalk book to RunRev and Transcript. I expect a mid-to-late-June 
>announce and pre-publication offer. I'll post a notice here when 
>it's ready.
>I know of one other project which will attempt to gather together a 
>large accumulation of scripts and fragments with detailed comments.
>Meanwhile, a good HyperTalk book if you can find one might serve you 
>well as an intro.

Like yours for instance!!!

>Dan Shafer, Author, Consultant, Product Development Expert

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