Printing probs with Win2K standalone

T. R. Ponn alptex2 at
Tue May 27 09:11:00 EDT 2003

Hello all!

I have a simple scrolling field on one card of my app containing the 
"command set" for an embedded system we have developed.  There is a 
mixture of Font sizes/colors within the text to highlight each command 
name and number.  Below the field is a button..."Print Field" with the 
simplest of scripts:

on mouseUp
  revPrintField the name of field "Commands"
end mouseUp

My platform is a Mac running OS 9.2.2.  My Rev version is 1.1.1.  I've 
built a standalone app for Windoze and included all the resources in the 
Distribution Builder except "Error Reporting".  An associate running Win 
2000 says that clicking the "Print Field" button crashes the app.  Any 

Best Regards,

Tim Ponn

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