Little Arrows, how they are working

Malte Brill malte.brill at
Mon May 26 01:25:00 EDT 2003

Hi Francois and all,

sorry for replying rather OT in my previous post. I wasn´t really aware that
it´s a new type of scrollbar in 2.0. Shame on me...

If you need to get a certain value from an little arrows object, you might
try this recipe:

1.) create a scrollbar object (type scrollbar)
2.) Basic Properties:
    -startvalue      1
    -endvalue       10
    -Thumbsize       1
    -on arrow click  1
    -on bar click    0
3.) Switch the type to little arrows

4.) The script:

    on scrollbarDrag
      put the thumbPos of me
    end scrollbarDrag



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