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Sun May 25 15:09:01 EDT 2003

Hi James,

>> ...
>> Is this what you had in mind?
>> Regards,
>> Howard Bornstein
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> I can get the first link to work, but the second does not. What am I 
> doing
> wrong?
> James

Please check that image "Usp" is not behind image "LA Free Press" ;-)

You can use this little script to hide all images first:

on hide_all
   lock screen
   repeat for each item i in "Free Press Cover.jpg,USP.jpg,LNS.jpg"
      hide image i
   end repeat
   unlock screen
end hide_all

put this into the same script as the script of Howard.

Then change the script like this:

on mouseup
    ## this will hide all images first before showing the next one...
    switch the clicktext
    case "Los Angeles Free Press"
    show image "Free Press Cover.jpg"

   case "UPS"
    show image "USP.jpg"

    case "LNS"
    show image "LNS.jpg"

-- and so on...

    end switch
end mouseup

Hope that helps...


Klaus Major
klaus at

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