Building Mac Standalones from Windows

Mathewson richmond at
Fri May 23 03:49:00 CDT 2003

I am a Scot with an MA from the US so have a funny way of
looking at the UK and the US.

British people are extremely conservative........I have
recently been in touch with many computer people at
secondary schools all over Scotland who, having bought G4
Macs a year ago are asking me how to upgrade to OS 9.2.2

Most Educational establishments in the UK who have Macs run
on 'Classic'; and, knowing British conservatism, will do so
for the next 3-4 years......

My view of the US is that they are the earliest adopters in
the world: this, of course, has 2 sides to it.


Notwithstanding all this: Windows users can always pick up
cheap, old MACs for very little.

This will save them all sort of bother mucking around with
.sit and .hqx files on Windows.  It will also allow them to
see why some of us have stayed with Macs despite the
blandishments and seductive wiggles of Mr Gates and his
merry men.

Richmond Mathewson
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