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Fri May 23 01:48:00 EDT 2003

Hi Dan,
If you want to use tabs, you have to set the tabstops of the field 
first. In RC1, this is done in the Table section of the field 
inspector. You don't have to make the field a table, just enter a 
number or a comma-delimited list of numbers, in the tab-stop field. If 
you are using Rev 1.1.1, this is in one of the field settings palettes, 
I think the second one.

If you want to do it through scripts:
	set the tabStops of fld "My Field" to "50,150,200"


On Friday, May 23, 2003, at 04:11  pm, Dan Friedman wrote:

> Greetings...
> Now, I know I missing something stupid, but, I want to be able to type 
> tabs
> in a field.  However, the card has more than one field on it.  So, 
> when I
> type the tab key, focus moves to the next field.  How do you make it 
> so that
> typing the tab key puts a tab in the field?  There must be some field
> property... Do I really have to trap the tabKey message??
> Thanks!
> - Dan
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