dot notation

Monte Goulding monte at
Thu May 22 18:59:00 EDT 2003

> The_difficulty_with_underscores_is_that_they_can't_be_copied_with_
> a_double-c
> lick. :(
Hi Richard

I we need to think about under what circumstances dot notation is helpful. I
like to think of . and even _ as meaning belonging to or component of.
Therefore, using Get.Thing is not appropriate as Thing does not belong to
Get. On the other hand if you turned it around and had handlers that all
relate to Thing you could have Thing.Get,Thing.Set, Thing.Init which works
well. That way in the same script you could have:
Parent.Get,Parent.Set,Child.Get,Child.Set which is very neat.

So to sum up it only has value if it has logic ;-)



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