hilite colors differ in standalone vs ide

Martin Baxter martin at harbourtown.co.uk
Thu May 22 10:50:00 EDT 2003


 I'm confused...

In the rev ide I'm using the appearance manager look and feel and get the

List box hilites with black text on pale blue background (pale blue is
#That's what I expect from my appearance manager settings
Combo Box hilites with white text on pale blue background
# that's hard to read, and I would have expected white text to be drawn on
the dark hilite colour (which I have set as dark blue)

When I make this stack into a MacPPC standalone (and explicitly set the
lookandfeel to appearance manager in a startup handler - just to be sure)
these colours come out as:

List box hilites as black text on dark grey
# now this is hard to read, but also where did the dark grey come from?
# (grey is rgb 99,99,99, hex 636363)
Combo Box hilites as white text on dark grey
# perfectly readable but again, why dark grey?

In the appearance manager I have both light and dark highlight colours set
to blue (azul)

As far as I can tell or recall, I haven't set any colours that would affect
this, but of course it's possible that in passing I did something without
realising what I'd done, or have just forgotten about.
I don't want to prescribe colours for the hilites, I want to have them come
from the system preferences.

Anybody have any ideas where I should look ?

martin baxter

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