Build Distribution problem in rc1

Derek Huby derek.huby at
Wed May 21 17:16:01 EDT 2003

Previously: Derek Huby wrote:

>> Hi folks,
>> When I try to 'Build Distribution' with Rev 2.0 rc1 (Licensed - SBE),
>> absolutely nothing happens.(OS X.2.4).
>> Is it me...?
> It does work for me on OS X. Are you seeing the distribution builder
> stack at all?
> If you ARE seeing it, then I think I remember having some similar
> problems getting it to work. Try switching from Browse Tool to Pointer
> Tool a couple of times, then try clicking on the Distribution Builder
> controls again.

> Alex Rice, Software Developer
> Architectural Research Consultants, Inc.
> alrice at
> alrice at

Thanks, Alex, but no, I'm not seeing the Distribution Builder stack at all.
Absolutely nothing whatsoever happens - no crash, no freeze, no distribution
builder! But...

I've just thought of something, and I think I've fixed the problem. I had a
look in the Revolution 'Components' folder, and found the distribution
builder stack in the 'Tools' folder inside that. Now, the title of the stack
was 'revdistributionbuilder.rev~' (note the tilde after the 'rev' suffix.) I
changed this to a 'normal' .rev suffix, and it now works.

Now, why did that stack gain the tilde at the end of its name? I think that
Rev does this when something is partly/wrongly saved, if I remember rightly?
In this case, though, I never managed to open the distribution builder -
this was my first play with rc1 - so I don't see how it could have been
wrongly saved.

Any ideas, anyone?


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