Dbase Queries-where does the connection/query data live?

Sannyasin Sivakatirswami katir at hindu.org
Mon May 19 16:36:02 CDT 2003


Great! (re; success with Jans instructions in building dbase stack)

Thanks to Jan...

But, they don't work here... I am not sure where the query data (which 
includes connection details: url, user, password)   entered into the 
"point and click" dbase manager interface lives. I would have thought 
it would be added as a custom prop for the stack, card or field (s). 
But obviously not the case. Because even though I have the latest 
version of Rev with all the dBase functions up and running, I don't see 
any query in your stack.

I believe this is a distribution issue.  But their may be more to it 
and I am posting this to the use-revolution list.

try this.

using the distribution builder, make a distribution that is
a) not a stand alone
b) only has the dbase libraries incorporated on build.

Then send the resulting stacks to me. To test.


Sunday, May 18, 2003, at 03:31  PM, Sadhunathan Nadesan wrote:

> Well, Swami, I tried an example using the data base query builder etc, 
> which would be the stack attached with no scripts at all, and, another 
> example using only scripts, for the two tables in the cybertalk DB.  
> Both are working for me.  Maybe you can give them a spin.  I think 
> it's going to be a great tool for us, provided we are ok with keeping 
> the tcp port open.  I'd like to see the data (especially passwords) 
> travelling encrypted over the net but one thing at a time.
> aum aum<transcripts.rev><cybertalks.rev>

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