QT Player (Audio) stops playing

Kurt Kaufman kkaufman at snet.net
Sun May 18 16:35:02 CDT 2003

"I built a simple mp3 Player using RR 2.0 on a PowerMac G4/400 with OS 
As soon as I start other Applications, the player stops playing for a 
time, even I have enough memory.
What can I do against this? I have QT 5.0 installed on my system."

I have found that Mac OS 9 does not handle concurrent tasks very well, 
especially when one one those tasks is very processor intensive, such 
as playing an audio or especially a video file.
A few ideas:
Have you tested starting the same applications when playing the mp3 
directly in "QuickTime Player"?  I wouldn't be surprised if you 
encountered the same "stuttering" or "breakups".  How much physical 
memory do you have in total, and how much is allotted to your mp3 
player?  Perhaps there are buffering options in Revolution which 
should/shouldn't be used in this situation.


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