Fixed-time timers problem-help!

Sarah sarahr at
Thu May 15 20:24:01 EDT 2003

Hi Bryan,

I have written some general purpose handlers for sending messages. They 
make sure that the message is not sent multiple times and the 
"sendMessageAt" handler allows you to specify a time rather than a 
delay for the next message. They may not be exactly what you want, but 
they may give you enough of a start to do your own thing. As usual with 
emailed scripts, beware of wrapped lines that shouldn't be wrapped.


-- send message at a specified time
-- use 24 hour time, so next available will be used
--  sendMessageAt "showClock", "fld ID 1026 of cd 1", "11:10"
on sendMessageAt handlerName, where, atTime
   put the seconds into timeNow
   put timeNow into eventTime
   convert eventTime to dateItems
   set the itemDel to ":"
   put round(item 1 of atTime) into atHour
   put round(item 2 of atTime) into atMin
   set the itemDel to comma
   if atHour > item 4 of eventTime or (atHour = item 4 of eventTime and 
atMin > item 4 of eventTime) then
     add 1 to item 3 of eventTime
   end if
   put atHour into item 4 of eventTime
   put atMin into item 5 of eventTime
   put 0 into item 6 of eventTime  -- adjust to even minute
   convert eventTime to seconds
   put eventTime - timeNow into theDiff

   setupNextCall handlerName, where, theDiff
end sendMessageAt

-- send a message in a specified number of seconds
-- clears any pending instances first
-- setupNextCall "showClock", "fld ID 1026 of cd 1", 60 - theSecs
on setUpNextCall handlerName, where, inSeconds
   put the pendingMessages into pMess
   repeat for each line p in pMess
     if item 3 of p contains handlerName then cancel item 1 of p
   end repeat
   if there is not a where then exit setupNextCall

   if inSeconds < 1 then
     do "send " & quote & handlerName & quote & " to " & where & " in " 
& inSeconds*1000 & " milliseconds"
     do "send " & quote & handlerName & quote & " to " & where & " in " 
& inSeconds & " seconds"
   end if
end setUpNextCall

On Monday, May 12, 2003, at 09:06  am, Bryan McCormick wrote:

> Folks,
> This ought to be brain-dead simple, but I cannot for the life of me 
> get this to work. I have a stack that needs to run itself at set times 
> of the day. The intervals are large and fixed, that is there is a 
> specific clock time involved, not just an interval.
> For example, I need the stack to be aware of the time of day when it 
> opens and initialize itself. That part is easy.
> Then I need the stack to send out a request for data every half hour 
> through a simple script which is working fine, so all we need is the 
> timer. So that is on the half-hour and hour as follows:
> 9, 9:30,10, 10:30, ... all the way to 4PM.
> Now, the problem is "send" works great in cases where you need to 
> "poll" on a regular basis or for event contro where you don't want to 
> use idlel. However I don't  need that at all. Ideally I would want to 
> create 13 messages (13 half-hour intervals with set times) to start 
> the script.
> It does not seem possible (at least the way I've done it) to "stuff" 
> the time into the item of pendingmessages and let it go. In other 
> words, I would ideally love to open the stack, get the time, have the 
> 13 messages "popped" into the pendingmessages and off we go.
> So what have I missed? How embarrassed am I going to be at how simple 
> this is?
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