2.0 bug in table

tkuypers at pandora.be tkuypers at pandora.be
Thu May 15 11:21:01 EDT 2003

I created a scrolling list field and changed it to a table-object with Cell
editing checked.

The Tab Stops are set to 40,120,500, the field width is 316 and is located
on the right of my window.
Horizontal and vertical scrollbars are visible and set to small

In the left cell I entered ".rev", in the middle cell I entered "Revolution"
and in the right column I entered "c:/blablabla"

When I try to edit the first or second cell there is no problem, but when
clicking in the third cell, a field pops up on the left of my window with
the text of cell 3 in it and 2 columns are created after the third cell (2
extra tabs are entered after the line.

Even RR does something extra, I don't think this is a feature...

Ton Kuypers

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