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Richard Gaskin ambassador at fourthworld.com
Wed May 14 20:00:02 EDT 2003

curry wrote:

> Try:
> Start Revolution (must be newly started, quit and restart if already open)
> Press Command-O to open. (I've only tried it on Mac, OSX 10.1).
> Result: File menu flashes but nothing else happens.
> The strange thing is that if you switch out to another application
> (such as click on the desktop, then switch back to Rev, then it works.
> Not too big of a deal but in the interest of squishing all bugs if
> that's what it is,

Repeatable here.  I also noticed the "Selectr Grouped" button hilites
whenever the Cmd key is down -- could it be a commandKeyDown handler is a
frontscript not passing correctly?

Also, while the selectedGroupedControls property is useful, would it be more
intuitive in the UI to just have a subselect tool as in most drawing
programs?  It script simply sets the tool to pointer and the
selectedGroupedControls to true; the pointer tool button could choose the
pointer tool and set the selectGroupedControls to false.

There's an unused space in the tool palette anyway, so if we added a
subselect tool it'd fill that hole as well. :)

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