get the layer of a control within its group

erik hansen erikhans08 at
Wed May 14 01:39:01 EDT 2003

i am trying to get the layer of a control
within its group. the group "Piano" has buttons
representing 52 white keys followed by 36 black

in group editing mode btn "n22" (the lowest black
key) has the layer = 53. otherwise the level is
given as 125.

the idea is to determine how to change the
appearance of the button when it is clicked on.
black and white keys have different behavior.

i would like to keep all of the buttons in the
same group. 88 has a nice heft to it. i could
make a list of the 88 ids and determine use
but is their an easy way to get the layer of a
control relative to its group?



erik at

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